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Continuing to deliver valuable IT total solutions

The world economy in recent years under the added impact of progressing globalization has undergone significant changes at a speed surpassing expectation.
The domestic economy too has been affected in myriad ways, and the economic environment encompassing enterprises in all industries has reached a major turning point ushering in a new phase.

Likewise, in the information technology environment the emergence of the third platform (mobile, cloud, big data, and SNS) and AI technology reaching practical applicability have given rise to new business models driven by advanced IT usages and the spreading of IoT applications.
Additionally, innovations in these technologies and business models are causing profound changes in the traditional patterns of industry and corporate management.
To keep responding to this kind of sweeping technology innovation and rapidly changing markets, and to keep growing as a reliable companion to our business partners and end users, we believe it is necessary for us to specialize further and to operate with a keen sense for swift action. To this end, we have established Segue Group as a holding company to promote at each business company efficient management administration and the widening of synergy effects.

By effectively utilizing the experience and know-how accumulated in the course of over 20 years at our various business operations together with the latest in information security technology and multi-faceted IT infrastructure technology, through our distinctive business model "IT & Security Convergence Business" we will continue to deliver valuable IT total solutions supporting the business success of our partner companies and customers.